How to Access Awstats Log in cPanel?

This article will show you How to Access Awstats Log in cPanel. Awstats is used for analysing the website traffic to your website. Most of the time server will be busy with its functions, so it doesn’t have much time for engaged with the statistics. Now Awstats is used for checking the statistics in every 24 hours or you can get a sudden update by clicking Update Now link. The reports will be updated and ready for view. In this report, the main factors will be the number of users, From which country, visit duration, File type etc.

To access Awstats log in cPanel then follow these steps,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login to cPanel

Step 2 – Click Awstats under Metrics section.

click awstat

Step 3 – Select the domain you want to check the statistics.


Now you successfully accessed Awstats log in cPanel.

Access Awstats Log in cPanel

Awstats is an analytical tool used to check the website traffic statistics by specifying many factors. This report will be sufficient to understand the insights of your website, so you will get a clear picture on which part plays the main role in your site traffic and prosper that factor to increase the traffic. You can choose the domain to which you want to see the report. You can also see a sudden report by clicking Update Now button. This is one of the most using website analytics tool in present days. Access Awstats log in cPanel is not a big deal to accomplish it just easy as you think, the only thing you want to do is follow the steps given above and Access Awstats log in cPanel.

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