How to Change the Permission of a Web Disk Account in cPanel?

Web Disk account is used to upload, Download and navigate the files from your web server. Web Disk will be work as a drive of your computer when you are working. You can access this Web Disk account from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 by enabling the Enable Digest Authentication option. You can change the permissions, disable the Enable Digest Authentication, Delete and changing the password etc. To Access your Web Disk Account in cPanel, follow the steps given below,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login process

Step 2 – Click Web Disk under File section.

 Change the Permission of a Web Disk Account

Step 3 – Choose the account, you want to perform the action.

select the account

Step 4 – Click any action you want to perform eg: Change permissions.

Change the Permission of a Web Disk Account

Step 5 – Click on Set Read/Write to change the permission.

Click Read Write

Step 6 – Click OK to change.


Now the Permission is successfully changed to Read-Write Access.
There are two type of permissions either Read only Access and Read-Write Access. In Read only Access the other users can only have the permission to see your account, they don’t have the rights to edit anything at all. So Web Disk account is so important to keep secure because any unwanted modifications will cause big problems

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