How to Change Your PHP version Through cPanel?

This article will help you to understand How to change your PHP Version through cPanel. ServerCake runs on latest servers  which permits you the freedom to run different PHP Versions(5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0) on your account. The stable performance of your website depends on the current running PHP Version installed in your server. To change your PHP version through cPanel kindly follow these steps,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login to your cPanel

Step 2 – Click on Select PHP Version under Software section.

Click on select PHP version

Step 3 – Choose the latest PHP version for your server.

select the version

Step 4 – Click save button to finish the process.

click save

Now you are successfully changed the PHP version of your server.

ServerCake provides you the latest servers to maximize the performance of your website. We are already providing the latest PHP 7.0 Version for your servers. PHP version 7.0 is 2X faster than the previous Versions and it also speed up the PHP applications.You can update to any PHP Versions based on your requirement without even changing a single line of code. All other PHP Versions except 7.0 requires approximately 9.4 billion CPU instructions to execute a WordPress homepage, but version 7.0 requires only 2.4 billion CPU instructions for the same purpose that indicates the speed is more than doubled compared to other versions.

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