How to Create a New Web Disk Account in cPanel?

This article will help you to Create a new Web Disk Account in cPanel. Web Disk account is used for accessing the files located in Web server. You can manage, navigate, upload and download the files on the Web server. Web Disk is used as like a drive in your computer. It also provides the Drag and Drop functionality.  You can create a new Web Disk Account in cPanel by following these steps,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login process

Step 2 – Click Web Disk under File section.

Create a New Web Disk Account

Step 3 – Type Username and Password in the first two text boxes.

username and password

Step 4 – Confirm the Password by typing it again in the fourth Text box.

Password Again

Step 5 – Directory text box will be filled by the cPanel according to the username given in first text box.


Step 6 – Assign the permission for the new Web disk.


Step 7 – Click the checkbox to enable the Enable Digest Authentication, this authentication will increase the protection of your Web disk account.

Enable Digest Authentication

Step 8 – Click on Create button.

cPanel   Web Disk

Web Disk is the place where you can store the web files. It will act as the computer connected to the computer. It has some advantages such as Drag and Drop functionality, so it will be easy to use a  Web disk account under proper permissions and security.

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