How to Create an Email Account Using cPanel?

This article will guide you about How to create an Email account using cPanel. You may have several email accounts in various  email providers, your mails will be stored in their servers. You can’t get a mail ID as your exact name for eg: you  are registering as “your name” but you can’t register a mail ID on that name instead you will get  as or any other suggested ID’s,  this happens because the email provider has to maintain a huge number of users World Wide. Now you can create a new email account using the cPanel of your website. Emails will be saved in your server and can create a number of email accounts based on your hosting plan. You can create mail ID’s for your name for eg: Follow the below steps to create an email account.

Step 1 – Login into cPanel.

Login into cPanel

Step 2 – Click Accounts under Email section.

Click Accounts under Email section

Step 3 – Follow these steps,

  1. Type your new email ID
  2. Select the Domain
  3. Type the password and confirm it by Typing again.
  4. Choose mail quota either unlimited or type a specific megabyte size.

Acount creation procedure

Step 4 – Click Create Account to finish the account creation.

Account Created Successfully




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