How to Create an Encrypted Email Using cPanel?

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This article will guide you to Create an Encrypted Email Using cPanel. In cPanel you can use GnuPG Encryption scheme for encrypting your email message. GnuPG Encryption scheme is a publicly available Encryption scheme basically uses the public key approach. Public key cryptography is used in this Encryption scheme, Public key cryptography has two keys private key and a public key. Messages are Encrypted by using the public key and the recipient will decrypts the message by using a private key which he knows. You must create a key pair for the Encryption purpose first.Follow the steps given below to Generate the Encryption Key for your email message.

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login to Cpanel

Step 2 – Click Encryption under Email section.

Click Encryption

Step 3 – Follow these steps in this page,

  1. Type your Name on the first text box.
  2. Type your Email ID.
  3. Type a Comment or Nickname for the message.
  4. Type a Key password and confirm it
  5. In password Generator Type a time frame, your key will be valid only in these time frame.
  6. Choose the Key Size either 2048 or 4096.
  7. Click Generate key.

final process

You successfully created the encryption key for Email message.


Public key cryptography is an encryption technique which is used to encrypt messages. The password you are creating is the private key and the public key is for encrypting. Recipient have the private key for decrypting the encrypted message. This technique is most commonly using technology for encryption.

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