How to Create Subdomains in cPanel?

If you own a domain name and ready to register another one, so you can register the new domain as a sub domain to your main domain. It will be available for free of cost but has it’s limits based on the hosting plan you have chosen.

Step 1- Login to cPanel.

 Login to cPanel.

Step 2- Click Sub Domains under Domain section.

Click Sub Domains under Domain section

Step 3- Follow these steps below.
1. Type your new Sub domain name in the text box named as “sub domain”.
2. Choose your main domain which you want to register the sub-domain.
3. Document root will generate automatically.
4. Click the Create button and wait.

Follow these steps below.

Step 4-  Now you have a new sub-domain under a main domain.

Now you have a new sub-domain under a main domain.


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