How to Perform a Virus Scan through cPanel?

This article will show you How to perform a Virus scan through cPanel. Virus scanner is the tool used to perform virus scan in cPanel, this is mainly to scan files for finding Malware, Trojan Horse and other viruses. Virus scanner can scan your entire Home directory, Public FTP space, Public Web space and your entire mails. The scan will end automatically if they run more than a day. Virus scanner is a great tool to perform a virus scan through cPanel. Sometimes hackers send you virus emails which contains malicious scripts or virus, it should be harmful for your website anyway unless you perform a virus scan by using Virus scanner. Follow the steps to Perform a Virus scan through cPanel,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Perform a Virus Scan through cPanel

Step 2 – Click Virus Scanner under Advanced section.

Perform a Virus Scan through cPanel

Step 3 – Choose which section you want to Scan and click Scan Now to complete the action.

scan email data

Now you are successfully performed a virus scan

scan process


Report will be like this:

Virus scan

Virus scanner is a tool in cPanel which is used to scan virus in any of your files, that includes the entire email files, Home directory, Web space and FTP space. Virus can harm your website very badly, once hacker gain control of your website then you can’t reinstate control without a virus scan. There are so many tools available in cPanel for maintaining the security of your website and Backend.  

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