How to Switch the cPanel Theme?

Switching cPanel Theme is not a big deal. It’s very easy and you are free to change the theme anytime. Some of the users like the old cPanel theme, but some users likes the new one. Currently, ServerCake India cPanels comes with two themes:

  1. X3 (Old Theme)
  2. Paper Lantern (New Theme)

X3 cPanel Theme:

This is the old and default design of the cPanel. Most of the hosting providers set X3 theme as default design. The X3 theme may look very complicated. But, most of the webmasters prefer X3 theme for their cPanel.  Now please take a look at the X3 cPanel design:

cPanel X3 Theme

Paper Lantern Theme:

This is a new elegant theme from the cPanel. This theme looks very simple and neat. If you are newbie customer, I prefer paper lantern theme for easy interaction with the cPanel. Becuase, the interface is very easy to understand and use. See the preview of Paper Lantern cPanel Theme:

cPanel Paper Lantern Theme


Now let’s see the steps for switching the cPanel theme for your better convenience.

Steps for Switching cPanel:

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

Step 2: Select “Switch Theme” option on the top and choose your favourite theme.

Switching from X3 to Paper Lantern:

Switching form X3 Theme to Paper Lantern Theme

Switching from Paper Lantern to X3:

Switching from Paper Lantern Theme to X3 Theme

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