How to Take A Full Backup via cPanel?

Generating a full backup of your website is not a big deal. You can simply create a full backup of all your files, emails and databases through cPanel or download via FTP. You can download the backup in two ways either a full backup or a partial backup. The full backup consists of all your site’s files, emails ,databases and a partial backup allows you to download backup of each these things separately. You can do this by using a backup widget in the cPanel.

We think you got an idea about the whole process briefly, now We’ll show you how it really works.

How to Take Full Backup via cPanel?

Once you download a full backup it ensures that you downloaded all your website data in a single zip file, So it doesn’t lead you to any confusions or complications about any files.

Step 1- Login to your cPanel account
Login to your cPanel account

Step 2– Click the Backup Wizard under File section.

Click the Backup Wizard under File section.

Step 3- Click the Backup button

 Click the Backup button

Step 4- Click the Full Backup
Click the Full Backup
Step 4-  Enter your email address here for the further notifications about the downloading process. It will let you know when the backup is complete.
nter your email address here for the further notifications

Step 5- Now its the time for start backup your website files in a single zip file . When the backup process compleated you will get an email with a link to download your backup as a zip file. You can also get it from the full backup page.

backup process compleated

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