How to Use the Analog Stats Tool in cPanel?

This article will guide you to use the Analog Tool in cPanel. Analog stats is a lightweight analyzing tool give a very accurate and fast report. Analog stats will show you the report of a particular time period like 1 month. This statistics will not be a complete one, but it will give you a picture of what’s happening in the background. You can also get an idea about which are the main users visiting your site for 1 month. At the end, it provides you a brief summary report of last month. Follow these steps to use the Analog Stats Tool in cPanel,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login to cPanel

Step 2 – Click Analog Stat under Metrics section.

Use the Analog Stats Tool in cPanel

Step 3 –  Click View button of any domain.

select a domain

Step 4 – Choose a Time frame

choose timeframe

Step 5 – Now you are successfully access the Analog Stats.

web statistics
Analog stats is a tool used to check the Website traffic statistics of a month. It is not a complete report, but it will give some ideas to you for improving your statistics for increasing the traffic or visitor counts of your website. Using the Analog Stats tool in cPanel, It is easy to find out the main users.  


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