How to Use the Webalizer Tool in cPanel?

This article will show you How to use Webalizer Tool in cPanel. Webalizer will represent the details in the form of graph and charts, Webalizer will produce a detailed report graphically on the number of visits of your website. Webalizer will generate reports for each of your domains separately, you have to select the domain and check the statistics of that domain. Webalizer is a highly detailed tool, which reports very small changes and represents it as a graph. To use Webalizer tool in cPanel, follow these steps below,

Step 1– Login to your cPanel.

Login to cPanel

Step 2 – Click Webalizer option under Metrics.

Click Webalizer

Step 3 – Select the Domain.

selsct domain

Step 4 – Now you are seeing the graphical report

Webalizer tool is a website traffic analysing tool used in cPanel, which represents the data graphically. Webalizer will show the reports in the form of graph and charts, so it is easy to find out tiny variations in website traffic. Webalizer is a highly recommended tool for website traffic analysing. It will show report for a single domain at a time, you select a domain and then you can see the traffic status of that domain only, you will check each of your domains separately


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