How to Set Up Autoresponders in cPanel?

Autoresponders is a tool for sending emails automatically from your site as a response to a client request. You can set Up these Autoresponder tool manually through cPanel. If you set an email ID as an Autoresponder it will send replies to the customer request automatically for eg you set as an Autoresponder email address for sending the offer list for every email request. If any mail received in then it will send an offer list as reply.  Follow these steps to Set up an Autoresponder in cPanel.

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Login to cPanel

Step 2 – Click Autoresponders under email section.

Click autoresponders

Step 3 – Click Add Autoresponder button.

Click Add Autoresponder button

Step 4 – Follow these steps in this single page.

  1. Choose a character set for Autoresponder to work.
  2. In Interval text box, Type a specified hour as interval for Autoresponder to wait and send multiple responses to same email address.
  3. Type an email address, for this email address Autoresponder will send emails.
  4. Choose a domain.
  5. In From text box, Add your Email address and Name if you like or leave it blank.
  6. Type a subject for Autoresponder message.
  7. Type the content for your Autoresponder Email.
  8. Click on Create/Modify.

Creation process

Your Email Autoresponder is successfully created.

Email Autoresponder is a tool used in cPanel to send Emails automatically from an Email address as per customer request. You set an Email address as Autoresponder to send a message to all receiving Emails or you can let the customers know your absence, so an Email will automatically send and inform the customer that you are not present at the other end. You can set more than one Email address as Autoresponder.

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